The Bunting Bash: Let’s Get This Party Started

Now it’s time for the fun part: the part-y part! (See what I did there?) The part that has all the crazy photos of all the crazy guests dancing in crazy manners. These photos are some of my favorites because they offer glimpses into the dancing frenzy that overtook our reception. Some brides may worry about their guests not dancing at the reception…. if that’s you, I will lend you some of our guests. Because our guests. Are. Amaaaaazing!

I secretly had high expectations from my cousins and my parents’ old college buddies, all of whom know how to have a good time on the dance floor. Not only did they step up and deliver, but they were joined by many, MANY more! I was absolutely blown away by the vivacity of other friends and family members on the dance floor, some of whom were even delightfully surprising. Aside from a brief intermission for some flower tossing and garter flinging, the dance floor was hopping non-stop from the moment the party portion of the reception officially started til the very end.



Grandma even got her boogie on.



I sang along to words I didn’t even know.



Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, the absolute MUST play song (with direct orders that it could only be played when both bride and groom were visible so as not to miss a single note), came on and I went a little crazy with my delight.



Then we “Cotton-eyed Joe”ed.



And raised the roof.



We dos-i-do’d.



And my cousin and his fiancee won the spotlight with their wicked line dancing moves.



Then there was fast-slow-dancing.



And traditional slow-dancing.



But not for too long, because we were back to the fast stuff! We formed circles and took turns free-styling in the center.



Yes, that’s the sprinkler-system dance move.

Which then morphed into a different move.



They did the worm.



Spun and twisted.



And delighted us with their break-dancing



We grooved and moved.



Like both robots and moonwalkers.



And everyone sang aloud when they knew the lyrics. (And some when they didn’t… like yours truly).



Mr. Bunting and I each danced with a multitude of people and wandered from one place to the next individually, but as the final hour grew near we found each other once more. By the end of the night, we were completely drenched with our dancing efforts. My hair had fallen down, my make-up had been sweated off, and I looked nothing like the polished bride of the earlier day. But honestly… I can’t recall ever feeling happier and more satisfied with everything and anything. We were married, we were dancing, we were surrounded by so many people who loved and supported us, and our entire wedding day exceeded our desires and expectations.

The lights came back on as the last notes of the last song faded away. But no one was ready to accept that it was over quite yet, so we lingered. That’s when our DJ gave us one last wedding gift… a surprise encore song! With the lights still on and our clean-up helpers disassembling the centerpieces and decorations in the background, we had our official last dance of the night with a handful of others.

And this, my friends, is what we looked like at the end of it all.

Exhausted, sweaty, and absolutely overjoyed.



*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.


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The Bunting Bash: The One Where We Fling Undergarments

Before we could really get the dancing party started, we had a few more traditions to uphold. The bouquet toss, for one!

I had DIY’d  a little toss bouquet out of the silk flowers I had bought for centerpiece mock-ups using hot glue and spare ribbon the night before. Brides, do not let yourself handle hot glue guns the night before your wedding. It just won’t lead to good things. I, for instance, was reckless in my stressed state of mind and ended up burning the tip of my finger on scalding glue. The burn promptly blistered before my eyes and there was nothing anyone could do. Fortunately, the blister was well-protected by my thick, shellacked nail, so it didn’t bother me throughout the wedding. But the experience made me even more eager to chuck that offending bouquet into a crowd of rabid women. That’ll teach it.

Alright, alright, so silk flowers can’t be taught lessons and the crowd of women were far from being rabid, but the toss was still fun!

All single ladies, even the engaged, assembled behind me.


I was secretly aiming for the woman in green, as you may notice. I was privvy to her boyfriend’s tentative plans and thought it’d be some good ol’ foreshadowing.



She ALMOST got it! But she’s an absolute sweetheart, so she let my little cousin claim the prize. It hardly affected anything, though, as the lady in green is now in the midst of planning her wedding!

We nearly didn’t have a garter toss, but friends convinced me and I managed to convince Mr. Bunting and on the way home from an errand two days before the wedding, Mother Bunting and I picked up a $2 garter from a little bridal shop. $2 garters are not the most comfortable of garters (I speak like I am an experienced garter analyst), so that baby didn’t go on until it was ready to be removed.

And that task, like I imagine most garter retrieval scenes go, was quite entertaining. DJ Randee told Mr. Bunting he could have at it, but he had to woo me with his dance. So he sauntered over to some silly song while I giggled like a schoolgirl…


..and then he got shy. I can’t blame him. What’s more awkward than sticking your head under your new wife’s dress to retrieve a flimsy undergarment from around her thigh while ALL of your friends and family and new in-laws look onward with glee.



But once the garter had successfully been retrieved, the single men got serious. My cousins practiced their blocking positions and tested their arm’s lengths.


Mr. Bunting took aim.


Despite their best warm up efforts, no one actually wanted to dive for it. (They can’t appear desperate, these suave gentlemen!) That, or they knew they didn’t stand a chance against Bestman Bunting.

Who caught it. In his hat. Like a boss.

Yeah, you earned a victory dance.

Did that really just happen?

Yes, yes it did. We congratulated Bestman Bunting with a good ol’ group hug.

Next up, everyone puts on their dancing shoes! Which, for most women at weddings, really involves taking them off.


*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.


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The Bunting Bash: Slowdances

I was nervous and excited for our first dance as newlyweds. Nervous, because neither Mr. Bunting nor I are very good at dancing. Excited, because our chosen song is awesome. At least to us. Maybe to you, too? Let’s put it on to set the mood:

The song speaks to us on multiple levels and never fails to make me feel incredibly alive and inspired. It’s not your typical first dance song, and it’s not even much of a traditional love song, but it is ours and it was perfect for beginning the next step of our adventure.



As a sidenote, I completely forgot to tell our DJ and photographers that I wanted soft, colored lights to set the mood and a spotlight on us during the first dance so our photos would look dreamy and surreal. Instead, we had the full lights of the venue on.. It was a slight mood-killer because really… how romantic is dancing in a fully-lit room? Not very. But I say it was only slight because we JUST GOT MARRIED! Not much can kill that ecstasy, as evident in our super-happy expressions.



Now, I mentioned that Mr. Bunting and I do not possess any moves like Jagger, so to help alleviate some of the ‘crap-all-we-know-is-how-to-turn-in-circles’ pressure, we asked the rest of our bridal party to join in on the floor during a particular crescendo of the song.


Saftey in numbers, right?

Yeah, I don’t think I even noticed. I had eyes only for Mr. Bunting.

After our first dance song came to an end, I paired up with Daddy Bunting for our daddy/daughter dance. I was never one to plan out my dream wedding as a little girl, but this was one of the very few moments that I had played through over and over in my head. My father and I have always been extremely close, and before I was even engaged I would get misty-eyed thinking about this dance. I love the tradition, but it made me feel incredibly sad to think of this as a last dance with my father. I remember dancing in the living room with him as a little girl, when I would put my feet over his and hold on for dear life as he twirled us both around. The implications of this dance had me believing that those days of being  daddy’s little girl were officially over, and now I couldn’t belong to him because I belonged entirely to Mr. Bunting. I was both anticipating and dreading the daddy/daughter dance. I wasn’t ready to let go, yet I was still so excited to have this special moment with my father.


But then I realized that, even as a married woman, my relationship with my father didn’t have to change. I could still be my daddy’s little girl, and I always will be. Nothing can change that, no matter where life takes me or how much I grow.


We both got misty-eyed, but we both knew we would. Our song selection, bittersweet with nostalgia both in lyrics and personal meaning, certainly didn’t help. It was an easy choice deciding on this particular song. My father introduced me to the music of Collin Raye when I was little, who easily became my favorite musician. Now, when I think of my childhood and my father, Collin Raye’s music is one key element that always comes to mind.

And when I first heard his song, “Wish I Could”, in 1998, I knew right away that it would be the song I danced to with my father on my wedding day. And so it was.


When the song ended, I got a big old daddy bear hug. The best kind, in my opinion.


Mr. Bunting then danced with his mother while the Beatles sang “In My Life”.



The floor was opened up to all couples and we got our second dance with each other surrounded by loved ones and many happy couples.


That’s Mother Bunting peeking over Daddy Bunting’s shoulder, looked pleased as can be.


*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.


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The Bunting Bash: Pictures of You, Pictures of Me

Daddy Bunting loves to make slideshow movies and he especially loves to time them perfectly with music and coordinating lyrics. We go on a family trip, and when we return he’ll be pouring over the resulting photos and designing a musical montage masterpiece to burn to DVDs for us all. Now that I  I’m thinking about it, slideshows are sort of like scrapbooking for men. But I digress!

I wasn’t going to get down on my knees and beg for someone to make us a cute wedding slideshow for the reception, but I do think they’re rather nice to watch at weddings as long as they don’t run for too long. Maybe it’s just me, but I enjoy seeing snippets of people’s life stories, and it is especially fun to see side-by-side comparisons of the couple as they age.  Still, it wasn’t something that I could devote my precious DIYing time to. Fortunately I had Weapon X Daddy Bunting.  So he poured over my baby pictures and got several storage tubs of Mr. Bunting’s baby albums while I provided a list of the songs essential to our childhood/adolescence. And then we set him loose.

He spent hours and hours and HOURS making our slideshow. He selected the best of the best photos, timed them perfectly with the songs that best represented our different life stages, and created a wonderful catalog of memories that had us smiling…





head-back laughing…



and blushing.



Thanks, Daddy Bunting, you really know how to make them! And you know what’s even more heart-warming? ALL of our guests watched the slideshow. A+++, Daddy Bunting. A+++, Bunting guests.


*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.


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The Bunting Bash: Let Them Eat Cake

One of the things I was exceptionally eager to see for the first time was our cake. Though the cake wasn’t exactly high on my wedding priority list and I never really believed the lines cake vendors try to feed brides about their wedding being judged entirely by the cake (seriously?), I was still excited to see that frosted structure.

And boy, it did not disappoint! Our cake vendor did a wonderful job translating my idea  from this…

sketch courtesy Sandy at Cascade Confections

to this:

It fit on our handmade cake pedestal perfectly and looked lovely with the portrait toppers and bunting garland I slaved over the night before. And boy do I love the simple, delicious texture created by the uneven horizontal lines.



Having sampled our signature flavor of lemon cake with strawberry, peach mouse, and  cream cheese filling prior to our wedding and knowing just how absolutely delicious it was, my new husband and I were more than willing to make that first slice.



The cake knife we used, which happened to be the very one my mother used on her wedding day, wasn’t exactly made of steel. Or any strong metal, for that matter.


It bent under the weight of our slice, and we had one helluva time trying to get that piece away from the cake mothership.



I think we got about a quarter of what we actually cut on to our plate, and even then we almost lost that portion. Just goes to show that a sturdy cake knife is perhaps one thing worthy of some attention.


But our slice, however small, provided enough to fulfill its purpose. And that purpose, of course, is being shoved into one another’s mouths. I was a bit suspicious… was Mr. Bunting going to smear cake all across my face?

Nope, I was safe. That cake went straight into the mouth. And these Buntings don’t do baby-bites. We go all out. Or at least I had to. Thanks, Mr. Bunting, for this rather unattractive photo op of me trying to open my mouth wide enough to accommodate that piece of meteoric proportions.

Seriously, I’m only showing the unflattering photo below because I love you all.



But this was going all too innocently for my tastes. So it was time for me to make my move and attempt to smear his nose with some frosting. Man is he fast! He’s got ninja reflexes, and I only managed to get a tiny bit on him.


But like a good sport, I took his retaliation without any quick ninja moves. (Only because I don’t have any. Boo.)



Every cake fight wouldn’t be complete without making up in the form of frosted cake kisses. Who are we kidding? You and I both know this is just another opportunity to get more frosting on the other person’s face.


Once cleaned up, we made up for reals.


Are you planning on partaking in the notorious cake face-smearing? Mr. Bunting had expressed no interest in that little ritual,  but I knew when the time came I wouldn’t be able to resist an attack.


*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.


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The Bunting Bash: Weddings Bring Out the Kisses in Folks

You can’t have weddings without kissing. Well, I suppose you can, but then you’d be missing out on quite a bit of fun (and glass clinking).

The inevitable glass clinking that was our guests’ demand for a newly-wedded kiss was both something I was looking forward to and dreading. Looking forward to because I did love kissing my new husband, but dreading because the clinks seem to chime at the most inopportune moment… like when my mouth is stuffed full with pot roast.

Thanks to our DJ’s experience, we came up with a compromise that would satisfy our guests’ demands for lip-locking action without getting completely out of control. I mentioned it before, but I’ll explain again since this post involves a lot of kissing.

DJ Randee laid down the ground rules in the beginning: whenever a glass clinked, a couple from the suspected table would first have to demonstrate a kiss and then the newlyweds would follow suit. This is not an entirely new trend at weddings, but it sure makes it interesting.

Of course, the first clink came minutes after Mr. Bunting and I took our seats at the head table. And sure enough, DJ Randee was on the culprits in seconds while gleefully telling them they needed to show us how it was done.

My cousin and his fiance took to the dance floor and demonstrated a twirling-dip-and-kiss effortlessly.



Mr. Bunting and I were a bit more bashful. Neither one of us are very coordinated when it comes to dancing moves, and as eager we were to prove ourselves, the laughter made it even more difficult.



We tried again, this time successfully, with my amused cousin and his lovely lady in blue twirling, spinning, and dipping right along with us


Whew! Now that we got that out of the way, it was time for some food! They let me lead the way, of course.


Our buffet menu was compromised of juicy pot roast, chicken in a creamy red bell pepper and mushroom sauce, herb roast vegetables, garlic mashed potatoes, and the plated salad that was brought out earlier.


The food was all spectacularly delicious, but I needn’t have stressed about not being able to have time to eat anything because my excitement made me way too tense to even have an appetite. I only picked at my food a little, which made me feel sheepish and guilty for not being able to enjoy it more completely,  but I was just too distracted and happy to feel hungry.

So when the glass clinking started again, I was ready!


One pair did a suave kisses-up-the-arm move that ended in a sweet final kiss.


I particularly enjoyed that one. It made me feel like a courted lady.


Then our bridesmaid jumped into her own freshly wedded husband’s arms.


That was a fun one to mimic, too!


When we found a quiet moment, we ducked out to the front foyer for some official business…


…signing of the marriage certificate!


I couldn’t help but make a wise crack about the passing of the ceremonial pen to Mr. Bunting.



Mr. Bunting made his mark.

As did Best Man Bunting and MOH Bunting.


And just like that, we were official!


*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.


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The Bunting Bash: Yeah, Toast(s)!

I love toasts at weddings. They’re so heartfelt, personal, and often times hilarious.  If you know the bride or groom, you get to reminisce with the toaster. If you aren’t as close with the bride or groom, you get to learn something new about them. And if you are the bride or groom, you end up feeling like the most loved and blessed couple ever. That, or highly embarrassed.


But I knew I was safe on the embarrassing front. Not because MOH Bunting didn’t have any ammo, mind you, she had plenty. But because we’ve known each other since second grade, and she knew, that one day, when she gets married,  I would have the opportunity to be in her position of power, haha.



That, and she really loves me. So while her toast had several funny memories, it was above all heartfelt and touching and made me go ‘awwwwwwww’. She is so beautiful.



Her kind and beautiful words made Bestman Bunting weep with the pressure to follow-up with his toast.



But he was prepared, and began in earnest.



“To Mrs. Bunting…. The beautiful, wonderful, and talented Mrs. Bunting. I remember one of the first times you came over to our house, you saw me polishing off a gallon of vanilla ice cream. I bet you weren’t thinking to yourself that day, ‘That stunning young man is going to be my future brother in-law.’

But I would like to take this moment to say: you’re an amazing person, Mrs. Bunting. You’re always there for your friends and your family. I have only known you to help, not hurt. Since you and Mr. Bunting have been together, I always knew in the back of my head that you two were perfect for each other. And hey, if Mr. Bunting and I haven’t driven you crazy, then you must possess some special power that no mortal woman does.

You know I always wanted a sister, but I was stuck with Mr. Bunting (no offense). But hey, I don’t know who wears the pants in the relationship so you never know. I always wanted a sister, and now I have one. And there is nobody in the entire world who I would rather call my sister than you.”



Mr. Bunting was not let off the hook so easily.



“I’d like to tell a story about a little boy who climbed on top of the roof of a two story apartment building. Now the details as to WHY he was climbing are beyond my memory. But I do remember that there was no chance in talking him out of doing whatever dumb thing he was thinking about doing. And to my utter surprise, he jumped off the roof, landed in a garbage can full of leaves, which then proceeded to fall over, roll, and hit a fence. Luckily the boy inside was fine. You’re probably thinking that there can’t possibly be any moral to this story, but I’m going to try my best to come up with something.”


We all thoroughly enjoyed this story, though Mr. Bunting could only wonder if this was really happening.


“Mr. Bunting, EVERYONE knew that you and Mrs. Bunting were going to get married, we all saw it coming for a long time now. But what I also see here is your final leap into the real world, just as I thought jumping off our roof was your final leap. But this time, your decision is more well-planned, and instead of a garbage can full of leaves, you have Mrs. Bunting to help catch you.”



Then Bestman Bunting chokingly acknowledged their  father, who had passed away three years ago. Within seconds, there wasn’t a dry eye in the place.

“Dad would be proud, and I know for a fact that he wouldn’t have wanted anyone else to be his daughter-in-law. I’m sure he would have a million, cheesy one-liners to say about this joyous occasion…”


But he couldn’t end on a sad note, so he had one last joke for us.

“But I’ll just leave you with my own piece of advice: no matter what happens, always remember to hold her hand…otherwise she’ll go shopping.”


Daddy Bunting had one more brief toast for us , which he followed with a sweet prayer.


And like that, the reception was well underway!


*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.


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The Bunting Bash: Our Second Grand Entrance

We didn’t use rental transportation for the entire wedding party, but all of our ladies and gents beat us to the reception and were waiting for us when we arrived. We gathered in the foyer until our grand introductions, and though the majority of our guests were in the inner room, a few snuck out to congratulate us.

DJ Randee brought me a glass of wine, which I was more than happy to accept. Yes, please! And that’s when I realized that I hadn’t gone over the headtable seating arrangement with our wedding party. Whoops! Fortunately someone had a scrap piece of paper and a pencil, so I did my best to draw out the plan and explain it to Brother Bunting and everyone else. I doubt I was very concise even then in my state of excitement, but they were able to decipher my doodles and half-sentences all the same. Go, teamwork!


When it was time for our first couple to enter, DJ Randee cued the music…. the Star Wars Imperial March …techno remix-style. I wouldn’t have had it any other way for Mr. Bunting.


As each couple went out, I downed the last of my wine. No way was I leaving any behind!

And then it was our turn!

While not quite as grand as my surprise horse-drawn carriage entrance, we were greeted, again, by a standing ovation. Being the bride and groom sure makes you feel important!


Almost immediately, the glass clinking began. So we shared a quick kiss in the middle of the dance floor and waved to all our friends and family.


DJ Randee took this time to explain the ground rules for kissing. If anyone wanted to clink their glasses to elicit a kiss from the newlyweds, they would have to offer something in return. A couple from any table found to be clinking would have to stand and demonstrate a form of kissing. As the newlyweds, Mr. Bunting and I would then have to mimic their actions. This was a fun way to get more guest participation while also minimizing the glass clinking so we would be able to actually eat our dinner. Because you just know how much guests like to exert control by forcing two people to pause, preferably mid-chew, and kiss one another. If you don’t know, then you soon will, I promise..

Before we could even sit, we had our first example.

Our selected guests chose to do a dip-kiss.

Which we obediently mimicked. Yes, married life is great already!

Next up, MOH Bunting charms the masses and Best Man Bunting moves the audience to tears.


*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.


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The Bunting Bash: All the Small Things

Before I get into the events at the reception, let’s take a walk-through of all the little decorative details that greeted our guests. I know some of you live for these detail posts, so I’m sure you won’t mind this little long scenic walk-through.



Several cocktail tables were set up in the main foyer, and on these we had our blue mason jars, signature flowers, and some of my Grandma Bunting’s hand-sewn fabric hearts.

Skirting the tables was none other than, that’s right, bunting! My other Grandmother Bunting and Mother Bunting labored dutifully over all those sewn triangles, and they really added some pop of color to the space.


Our guestbook table was immediately on the left after walking through one of the main entries to the banquet hall. The guest books weren’t really books per say, but prints of three original paintings I created specifically to serve as a holder for our guests’ signatures and messages. With a brief explanation sign to guide them, our guests signed along the white rings with the provided black pens. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of a guestbook that would be tucked away in storage post-wedding, so these three prints will decorate the walls of our home as finished artwork.



On the gift table, we  had a birdcage card holder for people to slip their cards in to.



I printed the two portrait illustrations I drew for our invitations and displayed them in vintage ornate frames I  had bought of eBay. These were set in front of our respective seats at the head table and made for cute alternative bride & groom place cards. Of course, post-wedding they make for excellent wall art!



Remember our favors? They were set at each seat so people wouldn’t forget to take one, and Grandmother Bunting was so pleased to see the traditional Jordans almonds. I like to imagine how many wildflowers were planted in our honor, too.



Though they weren’t originally created for the purpose of favors, a few of my guests asked if they could take home a hand-sewn heart as a keepsake and were delighted when I told them I’d love that.



The centerpiece for each table consisted of a combination of blue jars, milk glass, our signature flower blend of craspedia, hypercium berries, spider mums, and peonies, and the occasional colorful book stack and ceramic birds. Each centerpiece was completely unique, and our florist did a beautiful job of making each one look balanced and coordinated. The table numbers themselves were embroidered onto pennant flags that my grandparents made and assembled for us. And those polka-dot table runners you see? Hand-sewn by the same Grandma Bunting who made all the little hearts!



We had more colorful poms hanging from two large sections of the ceiling. In case you’re wondering, these are not the same poms as seen in our pom massacre.



I abandoned the faux chalk seating board I had been designing when I realized the chalkboard element didn’t really fit in with my vision anymore, so I replaced it with a new board I designed that used the same illustrations as our invitations. I had this printed on paper and mounted to foamcore, then stuck in an ornate frame found at a thrift store that Daddy Bunting painted white for us. We borrowed an easel from a friend, and just like that we had a classy seating board.



Our headtable was set up on a slight stage. We had a larger variation of our bunting strung behind the chairs, with all the blue jars from our ceremony aisle dotting the floor of the stage.



I was really excited to see how our cake table turned out, and I was SO thrilled when we saw our cake on our DIY cake stand for the first time. The subtle texture was exactly what I had asked for, and the large peony blooms were so gorgeous.



Like all of the paper elements used for our wedding, I made the cake topper myself using our portraits printed on paper and a mini fabric bunting I meticulously assembled the night before. The best part is that I used all materials I already had on hand. The twine and paper was left over from our invitations, the fabric was scrap from our larger bunting garlands, and the wooden skewers were from the same bag I made photo booth props with.



I wanted to keep the cake topper to decorate a planter in our home post-wedding, but unfortunately all three pieces were lost or thrown away  in the fray of the clean-up. Our top tier also did not survive a mishap during clean-up, so I suspect they were all laid to rest together.



I’m sorry I don’t have any photos of the whole room with all the tables set up to show you, but I hope you’ll agree all the detail shots are just as amazing.

And now that you have a better visual of what our reception hall looked like, let’s FILL IT WITH PEOPLE NEXT!


*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.


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The Bunting Bash: The One Where I Throw Poms at My New Husband

When Mr. Bunting and I returned to the park following our carriage ride, we had just enough time to mingle with our lingering guests before they went on to the reception downtown. A group of our friends and relatives remained behind to help tear down the decorations at the park, and since we had finished all our formal portraits before the ceremony, we pitched in to help. Yeah, that lasted long.

I have no idea why, but Mr. Bunting possessed a strong love-hate relationship with all our tissue poms. He loved and appreciated them as decorations, but he loved to hate them as objects. I don’t think I’ll ever understand, but it’s almost like Mr. Bunting was the one who personally had to count sheets of tissue paper, fold, cut, and fluff  all those colorful poms. Which is just silly talk, because aside from the fluffing party we had at the rehearsal dinner, it was my fingers who labored so intensively over these delicate creations. Alright, alright, Mr. Bunting did help fold a few (after he was kicked off cutting duty for failed quality control checks), but he later admitted to me that he got away without fluffing a single pom. That sneaky devil. So why, then, was he so keen on destroying my pretty poms? He claims he only hates them on my behalf (they were rather tedious and frustrating) but I secretly think he just loves the idea of shredding a brightly colored ball of tissue paper. When we started pulling down the decorations, including the poms, Mr. Bunting got a devious glint in his eye and zeroed in on them like a lion to its prey.

At first I tried to rescue them.

And then I realized that they were exceptionally fun to throw at other people. Namely my new husband.

Soon, we each had an armful and, with our photographers at the ready…

…we released them into an explosion of color. Glorious, colorful, wonderful poms!

Mr. Bunting immediately pounced on the aftermath.

Show us how you really feel, Mr. Bunting!

We may be the Buntings, but he clearly has some cat in him! I couldn’t bring myself to shred any of the poms I had worked so hard on for months, but we sure had fun tossing them over our heads. Not only was it a moment of pure spontaneity, but it left us with some fun photos! And for the pom activists, there’s no way we would have been able to save them all for re-use because they really don’t transport well once fluffed. But a handful of them did survive and are now hanging in our basement and one of our guests also happily adopted a couple, so they DO live on!

*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.


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