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Bunting is Back!

Hi, Hive!

I’m back, married, and it was legen-… wait for it… -DARY! But alas, we don’t have pro photos back so you’ll have to wait a little bit longer before my recaps begin. Sad, I know.

I’m saving most of the details for the recaps, but I can at least spoil you all with a few teaser images shot by some of our lovely guests. Right? Right!


personal photo


The morning forecast had been calling for thunderstorms and rain right when the ceremony was scheduled to start, and that had the butterflies in my tummy doing barrel rolls a la Starfox-style. Mrs. Meerkat even drove out of her way to bring me a cute pair of galoshes and matching umbrella, just in case. (Isn’t she the SWEETEST?! The answer is yes, yes she is.) As cute as they are, I’m thrilled to say they won’t be making an appearance in photos at all. The weather was absolutely beautiful – warm, sunny, and very summery without a single raindrop! Just what we ordered.


personal photo


It was fabulous. Absolutely fabbity-fab-fabulous. Our groomsmen looked smashing and our bridesmaids were gorgeous. Our guests were amazing and surrounded us with such a love and warmth.  The food was delicious, the details were perfect, and the dance floor was hopping all night long. Simply divine, I tell you!


personal photo


And best of all, I’m now married to my best friend. Not a day has gone by where we haven’t looked at each other, grinned in disbelief, and proclaimed “We’re married!”

I am so giddy to start sharing everything with you. Soon, my lovlies, soon! Until then, enjoy a bit of silliness!


photo by bryan and mae photography

06. July 2011 von lullafly
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