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The Bunting Bash: Send Me On My Way

Aside from my hair flower and shoes, I’ve kept the details of my bridal attire on the mysterious side. I apologize deeply for that, but perhaps the effect of the full ensemble will make up for the previous lack of white lace!

Okay, we may not be getting into photos of the full ensemble quite yet, but only because I don’t want to gloss over The Dress. Here, let me give you a glimpse of the back-story since I haven’t shared any dress shopping experiences…

I fell in love with my dress as soon as I tried it on off the rack at some little boutique in some little Polish region of the not-so-little city of Chicago. I can’t even tell you who the designer is, not because I’m trying to be secretive again, but because I honestly don’t know. The bridal boutique I bought it from told me it was designed exclusively for their collection but she couldn’t even look up who that happened to be. That always seemed fishy to me (what salon doesn’t keep record of the designer of each dress?) but I could care less because I love it so much. I only regret not being able to share the designer with you because the quality is SUPERB. Seriously, this dress could have been priced much higher than it was because the quality and workmanship of the lace and beading is fabulous. Bravo, mysterious designer and manufacturer, bravo.

The only thing I didn’t like about the dress was the straight neckline. The boutique owner thought I might be able to find someone to alter it back in Michigan since I wasn’t going to be travelling back to Chicago for any other alterations. When I got it home safely (on the train!), I asked around but was told ‘no’ and ‘no’. No one wanted to mess with the intricate lace and beading overlay.


the original straight neckline was too high and a bit unflattering / personal photo


But I knew there had to be someone who was both willing and knowledgeable. I know nothing about sewing and dress altering, but my gut told me that it could be done. Sure enough, we found a freelance seamstress through word of mouth who had years of experience in a professional bridal salon. She told me it would be easy to transform the straight neckline into a sweetheart neckline, and guessed that I had been told otherwise because I hadn’t bought the dress from those particular salons.┬áHallelujah! After she worked her magic, there was absolutely nothing I didn’t love about my dress.

Because I had bought it off the rack, I had it stowed away safely for months leading up to the big day. I found myself feeling sorry for brides who ordered their dresses, because here I could sneak away and catch a glimpse or even try it on whereas other brides had to wait…. and wait… and wait until their dress came in. It’s not surprising that some women don’t even recognize their dress by that time since they’ve had so long to imagine and re-imagine what it looked like. Memories can become warped over time, but I never once had doubts or built up too-great-of-an-expectation for my dress because all I had to do was take a peek and fall in love all over again.

I’m totally smitten with my wedding dress. Honestly, I want to marry Mr. Bunting again because I want to wear it again. But I digress. Back to the wedding day, shall we?



Pulling that gown on was like magic all over again. Except this time it wasn’t just to gawk and giggle at myself in a mirror while the seamstress measured the hem, or to test out a few necklaces to see which looked best. This time was real. This time, I would be able to show it to everyone and anyone, and this time, I would finally be able to share it with Mr. Bunting. I absolutely could not wait to show Mr. Bunting my wedding dress. I knew he would love it and would agree that it suited my personality perfectly, but I still couldn’t wait to see his reaction.


MOH Bunting helped secure me in. Don’t you just love how the accent walls of the room coordinate with our color scheme? I swear it was pure coincidence.


I’m really excited at this point, but somehow manage to keep myself somewhat contained and still. Inside, though, I am dancing all over the place.



Mother Bunting makes some final adjustments to a string of loose beading….


…I step into my lovely, lovely shoes


…and I am a BRIDE! Mother Bunting looks on in full approval.


We’re just about ready to go meet up with our second photographer, Bryan, and Mr. Bunting for our first look portraits. A quick re-application of lipstick, and this bride is on her way to go meet her groom.


*All photos, unless stated otherwise, copyright Bryan and Mae Photography.



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