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The Hair Flower

I know it’s been a popular wedding trend over the last year or so, but sometimes a trend is so appropriate for your own wedding that you just have to grab a noisemaker and hop on that jolly ol’ bandwagon. Folks, trends typically become trends for a reason (because they’re awesome), and there comes a time in every bride’s life when one trend just cries oh, hell yes. Well, I have heard that cry, and I’m unashamed to tell you that I’ve got two handfuls of noisemakers for the bandwagon ride!

What bandwagon will I be riding these evening? Hair flowers and fascinators, of course!

image via Long Wedding Hair Online

image via Etsy

I think they add a perfect touch of romance and femininity to any bride, and they’d be just beautiful for outdoor ceremonies. There are so many colors and variations out there that it’s easy to find one that fits your personality and style like a glove (without looking like everyone else’s). Okay, maybe it’s not easy but only for the fact that there are SO MANY TO CHOOSE FROM. I can’t help but feel like Eric Foreman from That 70′s Show, only substitute the panties for hair flowers.

image via Free to Hide / clip from That 70′s Show




I was unable to pick just one, so I selected my favorite flower-making Etsy seller to ask if she wouldn’t mind making a custom bloom to combine all my favorite elements. Starting with one of her standard double-bloom pieces as a base, I worked with Tania (who is such a lovely lady) from Percyhandmade until we came up with a flower that incorporated everything I could ever dream of having in a hair flower. While it’s still over in Australia, the photos Tania sent have me drooling in anticipation.

photo courtesy of Percy Handmade

photo courtesy of Percy Handmade

It’s blossoming (oh no she didn’t) with visual textures, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The petals are made from very soft satin and lace in pink champagne and ivory, and the little ivory blossom even has some pink pearls in the center. Isn’t it just lovely? I think it will compliment the style of my dress just perfectly. Now bring on those hair trials so I can see it in action! Oh, wait, I need to wait for it to get here first, don’t I?

Are you jumping on the bandwagon for a trend you simply just love? Could it be for the silky hair fascinator, too?

09. May 2011 von lullafly
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