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Oh hai!

Hello my friends!

You know that feeling when you suddenly experience such a huge rush of excitement that your hands shake and your heart skips from all the adrenaline coursing through your veins? My hands are shaking, my heart is skipping, and I fear I’m going to spew verbal rainbows everywhere (I don’t know what that would look or sound like, but I may soon find out). This is a problem since I’m still at work, and if a customer comes to my counter I could very well start gibbering and dancing like a mad woman.


personal photo


I just can’t help it, though! Here I am before you as the newest bee, and hive, I am SO thrilled to be here as your Miss Bunting. So here I sit, ready to bare my soul and share it all with you…. and I find that despite being absolutely giddy with glee, I am speechless with the overwhelming pressure of writing my introductory post. What do I say? Where do I start? Okay, let’s start with Mr. Bunting’s reaction to my, well, reaction to Pengy’s e-mail. Somehow I managed to coordinate my mind with my fingers and I typed out a text message to Mr. Bunting, who promptly responded with this:


We just may love puns, and we just may be total geeks. (This is actually a two-fer for Mr. Bunting because my first name starts with the letter “B’, so one of his pet names for me is the letter as sounded out – ‘Bee’. In the words of Mr. Bunting, harharharhar!)


image by Kamp Photography via Poppytalk


So why have I chosen Miss Bunting? As you will soon find out, I have an obsession with pretty things hanging from ceilings, trees, walls, poles, and sometimes llamas. This certainly includes super-cute bunting flags, and I thought that it was a wonderful fit for both my personality and our wedding.


personal photo


(That’s me at the dolphin tank at Sea World! If I didn’t have my friend there to physically restrain me, I probably would have jumped in with them.)

So a little about me… I am a:

  • graduate with a degree in Art & Design
  • illustrator and web designer
  • plant. okay, not really, but I do require sunshine and warmth or I’ll wither


personal photo


Now say hello to Mr. Bunting! He is a:

  • graduate with a degree in History
  • complete computer and video game geek
  • secretly a raccoon. maybe. (he does have to wash his hands before and after each meal)


To give you a bit of background, Mr. Bunting and I started dating our junior year of high school and never looked back. We’ve been together now for over seven years, so this wedding doesn’t really come as a surprise to anyone.


personal photo, circa 2005


Aww, would you look at that, the Buntings were prom king and queen back in their day! Ironically, we didn’t even know we were prime candidates so this came as complete shock to us. And you know what Mr. Bunting’s first order of business was after being crowned king and having first dance with me? He knighted one of his friends with a toy light saber. I have no idea where that light saber came from, but like I said – total geeks.

After high school, we both attended the same university where I received my Bachelor of Fine Art in illustration and Mr. Bunting received his Bachelor of Science in history. Just a few short weeks before throwing our mortorboard caps in the air, Mr. Bunting proposed in such a gloriously romantic fashion that it deserves a post all of its own. We took a month or two to relax and simply enjoy our new engagement, and then I dove in head-first. And boy, I have not come up for air since! I must be part wedding-mermaid, because I don’t feel like I’m drowning at all. On the contrary, I am having so much fun looking for inspiration, tackling DIY projects, and organizing all the little details that my co-worker is convinced I should pursue it as a career (ha, we’ll see). It’s not that surprising since it involves a handful of things I love – details, organization, DIY crafts, installation art & design, and most importantly: Mr. Bunting.


image by Bryan & Mae Photography


We’ve been planning our wedding for a year and a half, but now it’s really crunch time and I cannot wait to share everything with you! I promise there will be a plethora of color, texture, garlands, and tissue poms (unfortunately there are no plans involving llamas).

20. May 2011 von lullafly
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