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 The Bunting Bash: Let Them Eat Cake | We Wed

The Bunting Bash: Let Them Eat Cake

One of the things I was exceptionally eager to see for the first time was our cake. Though the cake wasn’t exactly high on my wedding priority list and I never really believed the lines cake vendors try to feed brides about their wedding being judged entirely by the cake (seriously?), I was still excited to see that frosted structure.

And boy, it did not disappoint! Our cake vendor did a wonderful job translating my idea  from this…

sketch courtesy Sandy at Cascade Confections

to this:

It fit on our handmade cake pedestal perfectly and looked lovely with the portrait toppers and bunting garland I slaved over the night before. And boy do I love the simple, delicious texture created by the uneven horizontal lines.



Having sampled our signature flavor of lemon cake with strawberry, peach mouse, and  cream cheese filling prior to our wedding and knowing just how absolutely delicious it was, my new husband and I were more than willing to make that first slice.



The cake knife we used, which happened to be the very one my mother used on her wedding day, wasn’t exactly made of steel. Or any strong metal, for that matter.


It bent under the weight of our slice, and we had one helluva time trying to get that piece away from the cake mothership.



I think we got about a quarter of what we actually cut on to our plate, and even then we almost lost that portion. Just goes to show that a sturdy cake knife is perhaps one thing worthy of some attention.


But our slice, however small, provided enough to fulfill its purpose. And that purpose, of course, is being shoved into one another’s mouths. I was a bit suspicious… was Mr. Bunting going to smear cake all across my face?

Nope, I was safe. That cake went straight into the mouth. And these Buntings don’t do baby-bites. We go all out. Or at least I had to. Thanks, Mr. Bunting, for this rather unattractive photo op of me trying to open my mouth wide enough to accommodate that piece of meteoric proportions.

Seriously, I’m only showing the unflattering photo below because I love you all.



But this was going all too innocently for my tastes. So it was time for me to make my move and attempt to smear his nose with some frosting. Man is he fast! He’s got ninja reflexes, and I only managed to get a tiny bit on him.


But like a good sport, I took his retaliation without any quick ninja moves. (Only because I don’t have any. Boo.)



Every cake fight wouldn’t be complete without making up in the form of frosted cake kisses. Who are we kidding? You and I both know this is just another opportunity to get more frosting on the other person’s face.


Once cleaned up, we made up for reals.


Are you planning on partaking in the notorious cake face-smearing? Mr. Bunting had expressed no interest in that little ritual,  but I knew when the time came I wouldn’t be able to resist an attack.


*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.


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