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The Bunting Bash: Let’s Get This Party Started

Now it’s time for the fun part: the part-y part! (See what I did there?) The part that has all the crazy photos of all the crazy guests dancing in crazy manners. These photos are some of my favorites because they offer glimpses into the dancing frenzy that overtook our reception. Some brides may worry about their guests not dancing at the reception…. if that’s you, I will lend you some of our guests. Because our guests. Are. Amaaaaazing!

I secretly had high expectations from my cousins and my parents’ old college buddies, all of whom know how to have a good time on the dance floor. Not only did they step up and deliver, but they were joined by many, MANY more! I was absolutely blown away by the vivacity of other friends and family members on the dance floor, some of whom were even delightfully surprising. Aside from a brief intermission for some flower tossing and garter flinging, the dance floor was hopping non-stop from the moment the party portion of the reception officially started til the very end.



Grandma even got her boogie on.



I sang along to words I didn’t even know.



Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing”, the absolute MUST play song (with direct orders that it could only be played when both bride and groom were visible so as not to miss a single note), came on and I went a little crazy with my delight.



Then we “Cotton-eyed Joe”ed.



And raised the roof.



We dos-i-do’d.



And my cousin and his fiancee won the spotlight with their wicked line dancing moves.



Then there was fast-slow-dancing.



And traditional slow-dancing.



But not for too long, because we were back to the fast stuff! We formed circles and took turns free-styling in the center.



Yes, that’s the sprinkler-system dance move.

Which then morphed into a different move.



They did the worm.



Spun and twisted.



And delighted us with their break-dancing



We grooved and moved.



Like both robots and moonwalkers.



And everyone sang aloud when they knew the lyrics. (And some when they didn’t… like yours truly).



Mr. Bunting and I each danced with a multitude of people and wandered from one place to the next individually, but as the final hour grew near we found each other once more. By the end of the night, we were completely drenched with our dancing efforts. My hair had fallen down, my make-up had been sweated off, and I looked nothing like the polished bride of the earlier day. But honestly… I can’t recall ever feeling happier and more satisfied with everything and anything. We were married, we were dancing, we were surrounded by so many people who loved and supported us, and our entire wedding day exceeded our desires and expectations.

The lights came back on as the last notes of the last song faded away. But no one was ready to accept that it was over quite yet, so we lingered. That’s when our DJ gave us one last wedding gift… a surprise encore song! With the lights still on and our clean-up helpers disassembling the centerpieces and decorations in the background, we had our official last dance of the night with a handful of others.

And this, my friends, is what we looked like at the end of it all.

Exhausted, sweaty, and absolutely overjoyed.



*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.


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