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The Passport: Part II

Remember my freak-out with Mr. Bunting’s passport? Well guess what came in the mail! It took months of ups and downs (mainly downs) and searching and phone calls and e-mails and more phone calls and waiting and even more phone … Continue reading

27. May 2011 by lullafly
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Oh hai!

Hello my friends! You know that feeling when you suddenly experience such a huge rush of excitement that your hands shake and your heart skips from all the adrenaline coursing through your veins? My hands are shaking, my heart is … Continue reading

20. May 2011 by lullafly
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Finger armor

Mr. Bunting and I were at the mall the other day trying to find him some dress pants for another friend’s wedding, and as we approached the jewelry arena (seriously, the way they’re all facing one another in an open … Continue reading

18. May 2011 by lullafly
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Figuring out the flowers

I met with our florist recently to refine our order and play with some flowers (yay, flowers!). While I had provided our florist with plenty of inspiration photos that closely resembled what I wanted, this was the first time I … Continue reading

17. May 2011 by lullafly
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Testing Out the Mood Music

Sometimes I wish I had a man with an acoustic guitar follow me around all day, playing songs that fit the mood of the moment. Life would be so much cooler with a daily theme song, wouldn’t it? But we … Continue reading

13. May 2011 by lullafly
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Fabric-induced frenzies (aka bridesmaid dresses)

By a chance of fate, Brother Bunting’s fiancee’s mother met a woman while golfing who, after they got on the topic of Brother Bunting’s fiancee’s wedding, turned out to be a seamstress. Did you follow any of that? No? That’s … Continue reading

12. May 2011 by lullafly
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Bring on the engagement photos!

Before I get to the good stuff, let me give a bit of backstory about my quest for photographers. I’m a picture person. I could spend hours (and often do) just looking at images online, in books, in magazines, everywhere. … Continue reading

11. May 2011 by lullafly
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Bow ties & Suspenders: all we’re missing is the monocle

Tuxedos never really fit into the outdoor ceremony we’ve been planning, and though I was slightly sad I wouldn’t see Mr. Bunting all dressed up in one, I’ve never regretted our decision to avoid the tux. They do look snazzy, … Continue reading

10. May 2011 by lullafly
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The Hair Flower

I know it’s been a popular wedding trend over the last year or so, but sometimes a trend is so appropriate for your own wedding that you just have to grab a noisemaker and hop on that jolly ol’ bandwagon. … Continue reading

09. May 2011 by lullafly
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In loving memory

Three years ago on May 8th, Mr. Bunting lost his father. It was unexpected, tragic, and easily the worst day of our lives. At 5am that morning, I had left with a group of classmates to go on a 2-month … Continue reading

08. May 2011 by lullafly
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