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About Us

Say hello to BreeAnn. She is…

…a graduate of Grand Valley State University in Art & Design.

…illustrator and web designer (check out lullafly.com to see her work).

…featured blogger at Weddingbee (find me as Mrs. Bunting)


What Nik says:

“So if you imagine the colors of the rainbow, from the red of her Mrs. Butterworth’s Halloween apron, the orange of the juice which I drove through a snow storm to get, the bright yellow of her favorite pair of shoes, the green tree-covered mountains of her native state of Wyoming, the deep blue of the ocean where she will fulfill her lifelong dream of swimming with dolphins, the indigo of the dusk sky (her favorite time of the day), and the violet of her favorite cell phone (which she used despite the cracked screen just so she could have that color readily available), you get a glimpse of just how much brighter my world is with her in it.”



Say hello to Nik. He is…

…a graduate of Grand Valley State University with a degree in History.

…complete computer and video game geek.

…secretly a raccoon. maybe. (he does have to wash his hands before and after each meal).


What BreeAnn says:

“You know those video games that have a choose-your-adventure style, where you can choose to do good deeds and be the hero or follow the path of evil and be a bad guy? Nik always plays as the good guy. He listens with genuine interest (as long as he’s not in the middle of a video game!), and has an intuition about people that compliments his desire to help those in need. He’s the one that will laugh at your quirks, but in such an honest way that you know he simultaenously appreciates them for making you, well, you. He’s been my best friend for the past 7 years, and fortunately for me, I get to marry him. “

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  1. I love the flower garland for your website logo and illustrations of you and your husband-to-be. How did you make these? I am looking for this style for my wedding invitations and I’m trying to find out if anyone makes something like this (that is less costly than Rifle Paper) or if there is a DIY route.

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