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Suspended delights

Have you ever had one of those things that you knew you wanted to incorporate into your wedding, even before you were engaged or in a serious relationship? I’ve felt this way about paper lanterns. I’m not even sure where I first got the idea, but I know it was well before I was engaged. There’s just something about them that has me drooling… perhaps because they’re essentially suspended colorful drops of happiness.

image via Elizabeth Anne Designs / Photo by Simply Jessie Photography

Early in my wedding planning, I started searching for sources to buy paper lanterns. This inadvertently led to me finding a plethora of  images from real weddings that had the same idea, which I started collecting gleefully. I’m so glad that I hadn’t settled on colors yet back then (and thus hadn’t made any paper lantern purchases) because I soon discovered bunting flags.

image via Oh Hello Friend / Photo by Christian Cruz Photography

And hanging flower balls.

image via Every Last Detail / photo by Ashley Bee Photography

And string lights.

image via Poppytalk / photo by Kamp Photography

And tissue poms and paper garlands and streamers, Oh my! They were all so colorful and fun and absolutely delightful! I must have them ALL!

Hive, I’ve come to realize I can’t realistically have them all (as much as I’d like to). In addition to very high ceilings, there are strict regulations about not hanging anything from the walls at our reception venue. So that ruled out having buntings at every single turn. (I know, right? Don’t they know who I am?!)  I’d love to add string lights to the reception, too, but unfortunately that’s not possible without having extension cords running all over the place – and consequently people tripping all over the place.

I’ve since made the smart decision of focusing on a few rather than the many: tissue poms with a few fabric and bunting garlands positioned in choice locations.

I knew I wanted to make the tissue poms myself since it’s quite a bit cheaper (and by golly I was convinced I could do it!). After scouring the internet for the best deal on bulk tissue paper, I found that nobody could beat the prices at PaperMart.com. I ordered four colors: light yellow, peach, aqua, and french vanilla. I’m not going to be using the french vanilla after all, so I’ll probably send that one back, but the other three colors were perfect for our color palette. See?

Wait a minute, Miss Bunting. What is that paper lantern doing in that photo? Well, now I’m beginning to consider adding some white paper lanterns back in to the mix but I’m just not sure if we need them or not. Oh, the decisions we brides have to make.

Have you ever had something that you loved, but couldn’t go over-the-top with because of budget or venue regulations? Did you end up going with it anyway? I persuaded myself to cut back because of both reasons, but now I can feel that “must-have” sensation creeping back up.

23. April 2011 von lullafly
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