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 The Bunting Bash: Making a Mini-escape | We Wed

The Bunting Bash: Making a Mini-escape

Our carriage rental included a private ride that, before the wedding, I wasn’t entirely sure if we would have time for or not. I wasn’t too worried since we could always redeem it after our big day, but once we were in the moment we wanted to take it right then. We knew our guests would be entertained in the meantime by the beauty of the park and the dessert table and refreshments we had set up for them to enjoy. And having had our family and formal photographs taken before the ceremony certainly meant we had no where to be immediately following our recessional.


“Do we have time for the ride?’



“Yes, yes we do.”



“See you all again soon!”



I don’t have any photographs to show you of our private and scenic carriage ride since it was just the horse, the carriage, our drivers, the two of us, and the road, but I can at least tell you it was amazing and relaxing and wonderful. We made a large circle around the area, and every single car that passed us waved and grinned and congratulated us. One vehicle even slowed and asked if they could take our picture, and there were several little girls in the nearby houses that came out to wave as we strolled past. I do have one regret… an ice cream truck passed us and we did not flag him down. Neither Mr. Bunting or I had any money on us, but I’m pretty sure he would have given us a treat nonetheless. Okay, I’m making assumptions, but in my mind we almost had free ice cream with our wedding carriage.



When we returned to the park after our little ride, we paused in the parking lot for some more photos.



Daddy Bunting had left his cowboy hat in the carriage after he removed it to walk me down the aisle, so Mr. Bunting took the opportunity to put it on. We joked that Daddy Bunting would be amused, and sure enough, the first thing he says is, “Aw, man, you take my daughter and now you’re taking my hat!”


When we rounded the corner to the pavilion, I was surprised to be welcomed with more applause and cheers from our lingering guests.



We mingled and chatted for awhile until more and more people left the park to head to the reception hall downtown.


I’m sure you’re dying to see how our dessert table turned out, so don’t worry, the next post will be all the lovely details! And boy are they delicious.

*Marked photos are copyright Bryan and Mae Photography. Unmarked photos are personal or guest photos.



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