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The Bunting Bash: Fluffing and Stuffing

The week leading up to the wedding was kah-raaaaaaaaazeeee. There were moments of sheer excitement and moments so tense and stressful that I felt physically ill. That, or my body was just in protest from being so hopped up on adrenaline all the time. Seriously, I felt like I belonged in the movie Crank a la wedding style. Luckily for me, my wonderful family, my lovely MOH Bunting, and Mr. Bunting all helped ease the burden of our last minute projects: assembling the paddle programs, preparing the rehearsal dinner food, stuffing the favors, making the cake topper, and sewing and stringing yard after yard after yard of fabric bunting. I have to give a huge shout-out to everyone who helped with that bunting. I’m pretty sure there were moments when Mother Bunting and Grandma Bunting wanted to shove it where the sun don’t shine… I could see it in their eyes. But hey, we couldn’t have a Bunting wedding without bunting! That’s just crazy-talk. (For those of you who want to incorporate handmade bunting… my advice is to not wait to cut and sew the triangles until the week before.)


so many triangles! / personal photo


We also visited the church we had reserved as a contingency plan in case of rainy weather and came up with a basic plan to utilize all our decorations in that space. It was not the outdoor venue I’d been dreaming of, but with some careful calculations I was assured it would still look wonderful with all our colorful poms. We then agreed that we would let the church coordinator know our decision the night before our wedding, though we all promised each other that the big day would have gorgeous weather.

All in all, I managed to stay relatively sane and true to my wedding-planning mantra of enjoying every moment. Okay, I may have slipped a few several many times during the stretch of the last two days, but overall I did well.

The morning of the day before our wedding was filled with cooking food and loading up the van and truck with all our wedding decor. Since we reserved the pavilion building for rehearsal dinner Friday night and had it the following day for the wedding, we were able to store all our ceremony decorations on-site overnight. Aweeeeesome. It was so wonderful to be able to transport our ceremony things, organize them and take inventory on-site, and explain to our Master and Mistress of Ceremonies what to put where all on the day before. It also allowed us to load up the emptied van and truck with our reception decorations that night, saving us the hassle of doing it in the morning. If you can arrange to have any or all of your decorations stored on-site overnight, do it! Not only did it save us time on W-Day, but it drastically decreased the chance of accidentally forgetting something at home in fray.


personal photo


By the time evening rolled around, we had finished the last of the DIY projects. Well, except for one final step… pom fluffing.

Once we had all of our ceremony items (and ourselves) safely transported to the park,  I gathered the wedding party and gave a demonstration on how to fluff all the tissue poms I worked so hard to fold and trim. I know, I know, who puts their wedding party to work at the rehearsal dinner? It wasn’t my ideal situation, but the tissue poms are so delicate that they become misshapen and flat if stored or transported on their sides. The solution was to “fluff” them on location at the rehearsal and then hang and store them on strings in the pavilion building, ready to be hung the next morning.


personal photo


As friends and family started trickling in, I was surprised and completely thrilled by how many wanted to pitch in and help. Soon, the gathering became one giant pom-fluffing party. People who I had originally given instructions to were now demonstrating to the newcomers in earnest. That’s teamwork, baby.


Team Bunting Pom Brigade / personal photo

deck the halls with poms of color / personal photo


Our friends and family are amazing. I was dreading that the fluffing process would take forever, but with their help we had every single pom fluffed and hung in no time. Every. Single. Pom. Even the 10-15 extras I had brought (just in case). I swear to you, I went to that box to triple-check my numbers and when I asked where the extras were, I was told they had all been fluffed. Whew! That’s amaze-balls.

With that last task accomplished, we moved outside to run through the rehearsal.

Despite any photographic evidence of what appears to be me nibbling my newly manicured nails (I swear I wasn’t), the rehearsal itself went smoothly and by the time we finished I felt confident and calm with the proceedings.



See, look how calm and happy I am here. No, not up there. Look at the photo below.


We had just recited our vows, and I was giggly because I felt like even rehearsing them in front of our pastor made us officially married. Apparently that’s not how it works, though.

We were all starving by the time we called it a wrap-up, but thankfully the food was only a staircase and a jump away. Keeping with the park setting, we had BBQ pulled pork sandwiches, cheesy potatoes, chips, and all sorts of delicious sides befitting for a casual picnic-inspired meal. To top it all off, we set up an ice cream bar that was a huge hit. Yum!

Though our rehearsal went great, there is one bit of advice I want to pass on that caused a bit of a bump for us. If you have a lot of gifts to hand out as a thank you to those who helped, start as soon as people are finishing their dinner! We waited and mingled a bit, and by the time we started handing out the gifts some people were starting to leave. It was a domino effect, and soon everyone was leaving at the same time. Our gift-giving turned into a frantic “Wait, before you leave I want to give this to you!” affair. It all worked out in the end and we delivered all the gifts, but it would have been nice to linger a moment and further express our gratitude instead of dashing off to the next person half-way out the door.

Near the end of the evening, we received a call from the church coordinator. She wanted to know our decision regarding using the church as our ceremony venue. Mother Bunting and I exchanged slightly crazed glances and exclaimed, “WE’RE GOING FOR IT.” And by ‘it’, we meant the scenic park we fought to reserve one full year ago. Never mind that the weather forecast was calling for 70%+ chance of thunderstorms for the majority of our wedding day. Rain or shine, it was on.



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