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 The Bunting Bash: Somewhere Only We Know | We Wed

The Bunting Bash: Somewhere Only We Know

Having a first look session meant we could do the rest of the photographs before the ceremony, so after we got through the thrill of seeing each other for the first time, we snuggled in for some intimate formal portraits.



The anxiety and giddiness from the pressure of our first look began to wear off, and it became much easier to relax and further enjoy one another’s company. I had no trouble staring into Mr. Bunting’s eyes or nestling against him.



And he, of course, was so stunning in his attire.



He really liked his wedding gift, too, and couldn’t help taking out the pocket watch from time to time so he could admire it.



We took full advantage of the massive trees and plethora of greenery, and though we were only on the edge of our small park, it looks like we could be miles from anyone else. In our minds, we really were.



The bride and groom portraits were something I had always been looking forward to, and they did not disappoint! What can I say, I enjoy snuggling up to Mr. Bunting and I thoroughly enjoyed sharing the camera spotlight with him. During these moments, it was easy to forget about the stage fright associated with our upcoming ceremony. It was even easier to let go of any planning anxieties or concerns that may have still lingered in my mind. During these moments, it was just the two of us and the start to a perfect day.



It was also during this session that I got to see my bouquet for the first time, and I quickly fell in the love with how it turned out.  I was quite happy to show it off to the cameras.



If you look closely at my bouquet, you’ll notice two little bees nestled together.  These little bee charms came to me straight from Mrs. Pain au Chocolat’s wedding, and before that these specific charms made an appearance in the weddings of Mrs. HyenaMrs. TartletMrs. LionessMrs. Hippo, and Mrs. Cardigan! I had our florist tie them onto the wrap, where they acted as a representative of the support and love I receive from all of you, Hive. They are, truly, a bee to connect us together.



As our formal bride and groom portraits came to a close, we set out to reunite with our bridesmaids and groomsmen for group wedding party portraits. But not before posing for this last photo. It may not seem like an extraordinary photograph, especially if you’re not a foot person (I’m not), but every time I look at it I am overcome with excitement at the thought of where those two pairs of feet will travel, always side-by-side.


*All photos, unless stated otherwise, copyright Bryan and Mae Photography.



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