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 The Bunting Bash: Our First Look | We Wed

The Bunting Bash: Our First Look

When I first discovered first looks, I was against them. I was all about the tradition of the bride and groom never seeing each other until the bride was walking down the aisle. Not necessarily because I was superstitious, but because I had this charming and idyllic image of a bride floating toward her groom, eyes only for him, while he wondered in awe at this first sight of her. Super cheesy, I know. Feel free to laugh.

But then I started looking at the photographs from first look sessions, and I read about the calming effects seeing one another in privacy had on the nerves. The majority of the couples even found that first look sessions in no way lessened that divine moment when a groom first sees his bride coming toward him down the aisle. That got me reconsidering the concept, and after sharing the benefits I’d read about with Mr. Bunting, we decided we wanted one.

This was easily one of the best decisions we made. Getting to see Mr. Bunting before the ceremony did wonders to ease my nerves since he is naturally the person I go to first for comfort. Deciding on how we went about our first look was an entirely different story. We didn’t really want to have Mr. Bunting just standing there while I crept up behind him since that puts a lot of awkward “La la la, I’m just standing here nonchalantly and am completely unsuspecting of what’s behind me” pressure on Mr. Bunting. So we left it up to our photographers to settle on something that engaged both of us.

One of our photographers, Bryan, hid Mr. Bunting around the edge of the park’s treeline. We soon (separately) learned that I would be directed to walk along the tree’s edge toward him, and then he would meet me halfway. They positioned him to be out-of-sight until he started toward me, and here he waited for his cue.



Before I was briefed, I wasn’t quite sure where we were going to meet them so I had my eyes peeled for any sign of my groom. While I didn’t catch any premature glimpses of him, it was really nice to walk the path leading to the ceremony site. Our guests hadn’t started arriving yet, so we had the fully decorated park to ourselves.



Back at his tree and still waiting, Mr. Bunting practiced reciting his vows.



I was getting really eager to see my groom. I could see Bryan photographing me just up ahead, which meant Mr. Bunting was close at hand.


Sure enough, Mr. Bunting came strolling around the edge of the treeline toward me.



Being able to wrap my arms around him and feel his arms wrapped around me was the most comforting and relaxing thing I could have asked for that day. I was still insanely excited and nervous, but having this moment alone with Mr. Bunting eased all of that into something manageable. I had no idea when, or even if, we would have another quiet moment with just the two of us, so I savored every second.



After several moments, we stepped back to do none other than, what else, check each other out.



I showed off the detail in the skirt of my dress, and Mr. Bunting was properly and genuinely impressed.



He asked me if I was upset or disappointed about the sticky note love letter, and I just laughed and assured him that I absolutely loved it.



I asked if he liked the pocket watch gift I had given him, to which he promptly took it out to show me how excited he was to have it.



I wish I could tell you that we exchanged deep and meaningful words about the steps we were about to take, but the presence of the cameras and the anticipation of the ceremony made us giddy and silly at this point, so we exchanged words about how the set-up went (really well), if the other was excited or nervous (duh), and was this really happening (omg-yes). But we look pretty serious and chill in these last two photos, so…. let’s pretend we recited some romantic Romeo and Juliet exchange.



*All photos, unless stated otherwise, copyright Bryan and Mae Photography.



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