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Gifts for the Ladies

Before I go any further…. Bunting Bridesmaids, I love you, but this post isn’t for your eyes!

Awhile back I discovered and fell in love with Plum Pretty Sugar, a line of gorgeous loungerie that must feel as good as it looks.

image via Style Me Pretty / robes by Plum Pretty Sugar / photo by Lane Dittoe

These robes would make a perfect bridesmaid gift, but unfortunately they just weren’t within my budget. So I got crafty and used my resources. Now I personally do not know how to sew, but I do have a secret weapon. My seamstress.  She is not only talented and knowledgeable, but very reasonably priced. So I sought her expertise, and was promptly assured that robes were easy and definitely do-able. Success!

The next step was finding voile cotton, which is very lightweight, soft, and perfect for a breezy robe to throw on during summer nights or mornings.

I searched our local fabric stores and found one voile pattern that wasn’t bad, but I really wanted a variation of patterns, and the colors just weren’t right. Having exhausted my local options, I turned to (where else?) the internet.

image via Know Your Meme

I love the internet. I found the best variety and prices at Fabric.com, and happened to be shopping right when they had an anniversary sale and free shipping. Hells yeah.

So here is a preview of the fabrics I ordered:

personal collage / swatches via Fabric.com and Plum Pretty Sugar

There is enough so that each of my bridesmaids will have a different pattern. The bottom right swatch is one I’ll be ordering for myself from Plum Pretty Sugar as a treat, because I love it so.

I was a little afraid of what the fabric would look like in person, especially since it can be hard to tell how bright something actually is from the computer screen, but the fabric arrived and I love it so, SO much! Now the hard part is waiting for them to be finished!

In addition to the robes, I’m also considering getting each girl a little silver heart necklace with their initial. I just love how feminine and delicate they are.

image via moncadeau

Do you think they’ll like these? What gifts will you be getting your bridesmaids and did you decide to go a more DIY route?

27. April 2011 von lullafly
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