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 The Bunting Bash: Tokens of Love (and Sticky Notes) | We Wed

The Bunting Bash: Tokens of Love (and Sticky Notes)

Since I was busy jumping into my dress while Mr. Bunting and his groomsmen were hangin’ at the Man Cave, I wasn’t able to witness Mr. Bunting opening the wedding gift I sent MOH Bunting next door to deliver. This is why we hire photographers… to capture those moments you would otherwise miss. (And to make you feel ridiculously good-looking.)



Presents always make people smile!

(P.S. Some of you hawk-eyed readers will probably notice the bling on his finger… that’s still the engagement ring I made for him. No wedding band for him until it’s official, yo!)



He opened the little box and was immediately greeted by the little folded letter I had written the night before. I knew he would recognize the same school ruled paper and the same blue ink I always used to write him countless love letters with during our high school years.



What is he thinking? Probably that I obviously wrote it the night before in exhaustion because it’s so scatter-brained and this letter is no where near romantic and doesn’t even make sense. And that he loves me regardless. (Or maybe more realistically it was “crap, she’s going to kill me for not writing her a letter back!“)

But what I wonder about more than wanting to know what he’s thinking is… how did that hat get back on his head so fast?



After he finished his letter, he peeled back the tissue paper to see what was hidden beneath…



It’s a pocketwatch! With our wedding date engraved on the back, awww. Mr. Bunting had been wanting a pocketwatch for awhile and had it on his Christmas wishlist, but it went unfulfilled. Remembering this, I searched for the perfect one as a special surprise.



Now here’s where I get tickled to pieces in amusement. MOH Bunting was supposed to return to me with a letter from Mr. Bunting. I suppose I knew before she walked in the door, or even before I woke up that morning, that Mr. Bunting had completely forgotten. It’s really not his fault, I should have reminded him the day before (especially since I had sneaking suspicions it may slip his mind) and then his friends distracted him with beer and video games until he fell asleep. So I really wasn’t all that surprised, and since I didn’t really give him much forewarning (i.e. a year’s notice) of this new little wedding tradition, I couldn’t be upset. I was just so excited to marry him, and I didn’t need a wedding day token or letter to know how much he was equally excited to marry me.

But Mr. Bunting felt absolutely awful and was fearful I’d be disappointed. So when our photographer, Mae, and I arrived at the park to set up the first look portraits, I was surprised to see Mr. Bunting’s brother, the Bestman Bunting, approaching me with a wild grin on his face…. holding something small and distinctly pink.



I was ecstatic to discover I would receive a wedding day letter after all! On a pink sticky note. Seriously, the best wedding sticky-note letter ever. I will cherish it always and it makes me grin every time I read it. A few of our bridal party members were afraid I’d be upset, but honestly, I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It’s the meaning behind the words and the knowledge of their source that really matter, so it wouldn’t have mattered to me if they were written on a napkin or the world’s finest silk paper. Plus, we’re pretty geeky and it makes for a fantastic memory and story.



And, after the honeymoon, a beautiful and special ordered necklace made a late arrival to our door. Mr. Bunting would never leave me empty-handed in any way.


*All photos, unless stated otherwise, copyright Bryan and Mae Photography.



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