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I shoe do!

Given my difficulties with finding shoes, I’ve been ordering and ordering pair upon pair from Endless.com. There have been some that were cute but too tight, some that were comfy but too weird, and some that were cute and comfy but just not right for my dress. And then there were these:

image via endless.com


They are cute. They are comfy (as comfy as I’ll ever be in heels). They fit. They are light seafoam green-aqua (and a bit more colorful in person). They are perfect. There’s just one problem.

What?! How can there be a problem if they’re perfect, you ask? Well, you see, I was not looking for a heel that high. I was focusing on flats or teeny tiny kitten heels, because….. Mr. Bunting is the same height as me. And with heels, I’ll be taller than him. This personally doesn’t bother me, but Mr. Bunting doesn’t really want to look shorter than me on our wedding day. I can understand this, and I reeeeally tried to find flats that would work, but these are just. so. perfect!

Still, I was a little reserved with emotionally committing to them because my mind kept going back to poor Mr. Bunting…. until I tried them on with my dress. And they were perfect all over again.

I keep telling everyone that Mr. Bunting is just going to have to wear platform shoes. He only thinks I’m kidding, harhar. Okay, maybe I am kidding a bit, but we’ll probably end up getting him shoes that have a bit of a bootheel so the difference won’t be too drastic.

Is anyone else facing this problem of tall bride vs. short groom on the wedding day? Or maybe vice-versa? What is your solution?

21. April 2011 von lullafly
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