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Registry Stalking

I have a very strong sense of curiosity. So strong, that if Mr. Bunting hints at something that sparks my curiosity, I’ll obsess about it for weeks until he himself can no longer remember what it was about (or at least he pretends he doesn’t  remember).

Yes, I was totally one of those kids who would try to find any hidden Christmas presents before Christmas. But I also do enjoy surprises, so when I found where they were hidden I just couldn’t bring myself to finish peeking. Apparently it was enough just to know where they were hidden.


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The same goes for our wedding registry. Mr. Bunting and I have invested a LOT of time and brainpower into our wedding registry. Just how much, you ask? Let’s just say that when someone told me about their friend who spent three hours in Bed Bath & Beyond, I responded with “Oh, which time?” We have been to that store so many times that the people know us by name, and each time our duration was at least two hours in length.  It’s not that we’re greedy, it’s just that we have to start from scratch with everything. The majority of our possessions are what I like to call “college” quality, meaning they’re great for when you’re a college student but could now stand to be replaced. So we needed to register for many, many things, and since we were both fresh out of college, neither of us really knew what we needed or wanted now that we were entering the “real” world. We knew absolutely nothing about what brands to buy, either, hence a lot of time in the store comparing pots and pans (Mother Bunting is my hero and helped us out immensely).

Since we took such great care with our selections, I am genuinely excited about the items we registered for. And I’m just dying to know what we’ll be getting off that list! My curiosity is like a little whirlwind in all of its eagerness, but do I really want to ruin the surprise of what people have purchased? No. No I do not.

So I have found a compromise that satisfies both desires without giving away too much. Whenever I feel that curiosity stirring, I open a new internet window, make it reaaaaally short, and log in to my registry. This way I can watch the number of gifts go up without actually seeing what has been purchased. Somehow, I still have the willpower not to scroll down. Okay, I may have scrolled down just a teeeensy bit once or twice, but I’ve been pretty good! If you find that you can’t resist, though, then unfortunately this technique won’t work for you.

Is anyone else as curious as I am when it comes to these things? What tricks have you discovered to satisfy your craving, or are you simply unashamed to browse the full registry?

20. April 2011 von lullafly
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