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 The Bunting Bash: Welcome to Our Wedding | We Wed

The Bunting Bash: Welcome to Our Wedding

Since I couldn’t invite all of you to the actual wedding, I thought I’d compile some of my favorite detail shots from the park and arrange them so that you might experience the park like our guests would have.



Daddy Bunting hand-painted three directional signs on some old wood from an abandoned shack by their house. One sign was posted on the roadside corner directing our guests to the park, the ceremony sign was posted just at the edge of the parking lot to guide guests down the path leading to the ceremony, and the middle sign was midway along that path to the ceremony.

I gave Daddy Bunting a few reference images of painted signs, but he did an amazing job coming up with the lettering style and arrow hearts all on his own. I am so incredibly thrilled with these signs!



A few vases filled with flowers adorned our cookie table, but aside from the little snippet below you’ll have to wait to see how that turned out.



Blue jars filled with craspedia, a spider mum, baby’s breath, and hypericum berries lined the aisle.



A few of my DIY tissue poms brightened the little path leading up to the ceremony trellis. It was on a tree to the right of this area that the “Our adventure begins here!” sign was posted.



The colorful poms also dotted the ceiling of the trellis, which was already covered in natural vines.



The seats had a scattering of my DIY paddle programs and little flags I had made for guests to wave during the recessional. It’s a good thing I made those paddle fans, because they were a hit in the summer heat!



Back up at the pavilion building, our guests were starting to arrive and mingle.



I had to go into hiding, but Mr. Bunting was able to chat with some of our guests a little before things really got started.



I can only imagine what was being discussed in this groomsmen huddle, but this photo cracks me up.



The groomsmen chilled in the shade for awhile as guests continued to arrive.



This is the view of the pavilion building from down by the ceremony site. The trees take my breath away every time.



And then it was time for Mr. Bunting to escort the mothers to their seats. First, his mother. Isn’t her dress gorgeous? She knew our colors involved aqua, but it was pure coincidence that it ended up being such a perfect shade!



And then Mother Bunting! I absolutely adore her dress, too. Those flower embellishments on the one strap are so fun and fit in perfectly with the feel of our outdoor summer wedding.


And of course I love this photo of my then-soon-to-be husband hugging his soon-to-be mother-in-law.


*All photos, unless stated otherwise, copyright Bryan and Mae Photography.



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